I Am Never Going Back

In this blog, I want to talk about being saved. Most people will get straight to saying God deliver them and healed them but I want to share what exactly he delivered and heal me from because even in being saved I needed deliverance and healing. In being saved God was shining a light inContinue reading “I Am Never Going Back”

Latest from the Blog

Let It Shine

Upon waking up I thought about the sunset. Me watching the sunset on the beach reading his word. Then I believe the Lord taught me something. There’s one thing that can block the beauty and the light. That’s the clouds. When it rains and or it’s a cloudy day it blocks the beauty of theContinue reading “Let It Shine”


a lot of us when we go into prayer and want an answer and don’t get an answer right away. We tend to question God or question his word. God does answer prayer but everything is at an appointed time. You may not be able to receive the answer and when God knows you canContinue reading “Prayers”

Who’s going to defend God?

So many people are out here not defending the gospel. I’ve seen so many people not do it. It bothers me oh so much because Who’s going to defend God? Truly defend him. Who’s going to defend his word, when others come with false teachings etc. He doesn’t owe us anything, we owe him everything!Continue reading “Who’s going to defend God?”

I Remember When…

I didn’t live a lavish life as a child. My mother never worked because she had suffered from epilepsy and my dad was jumping from job to job because he had an anger problem. He was either arguing with people or fighting. I remember I was around 8-9 when our lights got cut off, itContinue reading “I Remember When…”


Most people think that forgiving someone that the hurt the person cause will be gone. Thats not what happens let me give you a example. Let’s say someone drops something on your foot. They apologize and you forgave them. Your foot is still going to hurt until your foot is heal. So when you forgiveContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Patience Is Faith

I didn’t sleep until 5am last night mostly because I usually do this thing where I preach to myself in my head. It may be weird to you but for me it works lol. Last night I was preaching faith to myself. I knew the Lord was helping me because the things I was preachingContinue reading “Patience Is Faith”

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