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The source of Love

To know what love is we must go to the source and the source is God. God is love, It’s his love that’s real and true and that fills us up.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God ~ 1 John 4:7

A lot of us get into relationships saying “ I love you” to their partners but yet they not only don’t love themselves but they never truly felt what real love is. The only way they can is by surrendering to God, allowing God to fill their hearts with his love, and then and only then will they know what real love feels like and looks like. When that happens they are able to love themselves and are capable to love others.

A lot of us confused love with another L word and that’s lust. We walk around saying we love our partners but in reality, they are in Lust with them and can’t tell the difference because they never truly felt what love is because they never surrender their hearts to the Lord.

Especially when it comes to men because an Ephesian 5 man is a man who is suppose to love his wife as he loves himself and if he doesn’t love himself how can he love his wife.

Love is used so much now and days but very few know what love is or what it feels like. I honestly believe we must go to God and surrender ourselves to God so that he can pour his love into us because a lot of us jump into these relationships and let people do us the way they want to. They treat us wrong and it’s because we ourselves don’t know the love we deserve because most of us haven’t gone to the source of love (GOD). When God pours his love into us we see ourselves the way he sees us and when that happens we know what we deserve and we don’t settle for less. When we know what real love feels like we put our foot down and don’t allow people to walk all over us and treat us any kind of way. GOD is love, His love is what we need. His love is true. 

So let’s go to the source of love and lets surrender ourselves to God so that we may know what real love feels like and we can see ourselves the way the Lord see us.


Published by rachelolmo

Hi you guys, my name is Rachel I am 24 years old, and the purpose of my blog is to spread God's love and word. I was a victim of child abuse from my father and for so many years that took a toll on me. I search for love in so many places but it wasn't until I accepted Christ in my life that I finally knew what real love was. So I created this blog not only to share my testimony but to share the love of God and his beautiful word. If you ever felt the way I do or even want to learn more please feel free to contact me🤍🕊🙏🏻

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