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God showed me a glimpse of Hell

The dream started off in a fairground and we know fairgrounds have games and those pastries. All I saw was the pastries and the next thing I knew I was in another place, and I saw what was supposed to be a human walk to the middle of this place and transform into a demon. I was questioning what in the world was going on and where I was. These demons were chasing people but the next thing I knew I was in what looked like a waiting room. I saw this thing which had the face of an animal but had horns. This thing opens the door and says “ he’s waiting for you, that I was basically next” I responded who was waiting for me, and In the dream, I responded to my own question and said the devil. I responded back and said no he isn’t and no I’m not next. I remember someone being there but couldn’t see them. The person told me to escape I would have to go through the hallway and take a left to the door. I ran and opened the door to see the stairs. I ran up those stairs and realized I was underground. I opened the second door and I was back up top. I started warning people that it wasn’t a game and it was real and saying if they go they will die. Everyone was looking at me crazy, I’ve seen people I knew, even celebrities there. No one believed me. I saw a group of young kids around the age of 13-17 being led by a celebrity, no one listened so I went back down there to save them. There were booby traps and we know that booby traps are there for a few reasons: to kill those that were trapped or to catch the person that got trapped. There was a boy in front of me who got caught in the trap and died and I thought about the verse in Romans 6:23 that says the wages of sin is death. For me I kept dodging each trap. Everyone saw this boy died and only half believed what I was saying the other half were oblivious. Even though they saw this boy die they didn’t believe it. I also had two mini swords in both of my hands and I used the sword to cut a few of these demons and I thought about the 7 pieces of armor and one of the 7 pieces was the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. We got to this room and it was the final room before they got to the place where I saw what are supposed to be humans transforming into demons and snatching people. I told them I wanted to pray and they asked why I said because God is real and I know he will protect us and be with us. One person laughed and I questioned why they laugh and they responded oh nothing I said I pray The Lord has mercy on you, God is real and he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins so we can be saved. Half of the people that didn’t believe were walking away. One person I knew, I grabbed the person’s arm and told them I will still be praying for them but to know there is an escape and the person let go and I prayed for everyone and that was the end.

People didn’t believe me in the dream, only half did and the others didn’t. And thats just like the world today, Jesus is coming back soon and here most of us are, playing with our life like tomorrow is promise. Tomorrow isn’t promise, but yet we live like it is. Hell is real and Jesus is coming back soon. We need to live each day for the Lord.

Even in the dream the Lord was there giving me a way of escape but also telling me I need to go up a little higher(climbing up the stairs) I am a women of God who reads, go into prayer, worship etc but even I needed to do a little more. So this is Just to let you be warn, To live each day for the Lord because Jesus is coming back soon


Published by rachelolmo

Hi you guys, my name is Rachel I am 24 years old, and the purpose of my blog is to spread God's love and word. I was a victim of child abuse from my father and for so many years that took a toll on me. I search for love in so many places but it wasn't until I accepted Christ in my life that I finally knew what real love was. So I created this blog not only to share my testimony but to share the love of God and his beautiful word. If you ever felt the way I do or even want to learn more please feel free to contact me🤍🕊🙏🏻

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