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My book is now out

My book is about my testimony. I Was a victim of child abuse, rape by someone I dated, had anxiety and dealt with depression, and self harm in middle school. My book not only talks about the things that happen to me but the things I myself did because I wasn’t a nice person my mindset was if you hurt me I will hurt you back. My book also talks about what happen while being saved. A lot of us share our testimony but dont get to share the things face in order to get that deliverance and that healing. My book isn’t just sharing about the goodness of God but to let others know if God did it for me he can do it for you.

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Published by rachelolmo

Hi you guys, my name is Rachel I am 24 years old, and the purpose of my blog is to spread God's love and word. I was a victim of child abuse from my father and for so many years that took a toll on me. I search for love in so many places but it wasn't until I accepted Christ in my life that I finally knew what real love was. So I created this blog not only to share my testimony but to share the love of God and his beautiful word. If you ever felt the way I do or even want to learn more please feel free to contact meπŸ€πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ»

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