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Asking for donations, me and my mom live in Florida. The fan of our a/c broke, apparently, our a/c is extremely old so new parts for our a/c unit no longer exist we do not have the finances to purchase a brand new unit. florida temperature is rising as we are in summer we canContinue reading “Donations”


Book is now on amazon!!

I am ready book what is it about: I myself had my “single Season” and I also had a time where I was with someone for two years. This book is for those who are single and those who are currently in a relationship(not married). In 2021 God took the Relationship I was in fromContinue reading “Book is now on amazon!!”

Who is God to me?

Who is God to me? Well, I know most people would say God is their everything… well… That’s my answer as well, Before I even accept Christ into my life I didn’t even know what real love feels like or even looked like. I search for men and things in this world to heal meContinue reading “Who is God to me?”

Are You Ready?

This book talks about Are you ready to get in a relationship, are you ready to go to that next level, and married to that person. This book talks about if the person you have is from God or not. Many of us want to jump into a relationship but in reality, we aren’t ready.Continue reading “Are You Ready?”

I am home

My book is now out My book is about my testimony. I Was a victim of child abuse, rape by someone I dated, had anxiety and dealt with depression, and self harm in middle school. My book not only talks about the things that happen to me but the things I myself did because IContinue reading “I am home”

God showed me a glimpse of Hell

The dream started off in a fairground and we know fairgrounds have games and those pastries. All I saw was the pastries and the next thing I knew I was in another place, and I saw what was supposed to be a human walk to the middle of this place and transform into a demon.Continue reading “God showed me a glimpse of Hell”

From darkness to light

I was just standing there feeling every hurt that had happen in my life. Questioning why is this happening to me ready to jump but there you were ready to rescue me. All it took was one step to the edge or one step to your loving arms.  One step to totally darkness or oneContinue reading “From darkness to light”

According To Your Faith

Mark 11:22-24 22 And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. 23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall comeContinue reading “According To Your Faith”

God gave me a dream about covid

The dream started off I was in the doctor’s office and the doctor came in and he looked pale greenish I and someone else was the only one able to see he was pale. At the moment I knew he had covid and I didn’t want him to touch me because covid got worse andContinue reading “God gave me a dream about covid”