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Who’s going to defend God?

So many people are out here not defending the gospel. I’ve seen so many people not do it. It bothers me oh so much because Who’s going to defend God? Truly defend him. Who’s going to defend his word, when others come with false teachings etc. He doesn’t owe us anything, we owe him everything! Some people are afraid of what others think SO WHAT! They said Jesus was a blasphemer, but Jesus still taught. As well as the things the disciples went through but yet they still spread the gospel. We are supposed to spread the truth and defend our Lord but yet instead of spreading the truth, we have hate in our heart and that’s what we are spreading. Some aren’t defending the word of God, instead they listen to the false teaching and allow their brothers and sister to fall with it. Instead of speaking up. I’ve seen so many people bash on God and share video’s that bash on God but out of that same mouth say they love God. They say they believe, but yet they spread the hate and spread the bashing videos about my beloved Father. 

Revelation 3:16 “ So then, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.

People need to decide whether they want to serve the Lord all the way or not at all. The Word of God says you can’t serve two masters, you either hate the one and love the other or you will be loyal to one and despise the other! ~Matthew 4:24

Let me tell you this! To those who are one foot in and one foot out. The worldly things will never satisfy you. It won’t protect you, or give you joy. Only God can, only He can protect. He can fill your heart with unconditional love and overflow you with joy. Not the things of this world. But some, like I said, are afraid, When the word of God said to fear God not man. So stop being afraid for what people have to say and be afraid for what God will say when the time comes.


God loves you oh so much, He sent his son to die on the cross for our sin. That’s more love than anyone can try to offer. He has all this love for us and what do some of us do. Don’t defend, don’t spread love or the truth.


As for me, I will forever defend my God

How about you? Are you going to defend our Father?

Published by rachelolmo

Hi you guys, my name is Rachel I am 24 years old, and the purpose of my blog is to spread God's love and word. I was a victim of child abuse from my father and for so many years that took a toll on me. I search for love in so many places but it wasn't until I accepted Christ in my life that I finally knew what real love was. So I created this blog not only to share my testimony but to share the love of God and his beautiful word. If you ever felt the way I do or even want to learn more please feel free to contact me🤍🕊🙏🏻

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